The big part of me is making things. I rarely can spend few days without trying out some idea or new technology. At the same time I really like deeply focusing on one project. I'm deeply passionate about my job and about the Fediverse What's Fediverse?. Fediverse taught me many things and altered my political views. There's no place for capitalism as it is now if we want to survive. I hope that what I do will help to get us out of this wheel and towards Solarpunk What is solarpunk?.

Previously here was a sentence that I'm looking for a mentor. I've never found one but I think that it's pretty cool. If you need one, just ask me.

Despite the fact that I was born in Russia I don't identify myself as a typical Russian nor I share values of most russians. I prefer Finnish, German and some other Nordic cultures which pursue rationalism, equality and humbleness.

I had high hopes for functional programming before and I still love it but my nature pushes me towards the most effective solutions. I learned to accept mutability when needed. I hope to learn to write software that lasts.

I should persuade mindfulness. I have my mental health issues.

I never wanted to spread myself too thin but over the time I've worked with many different things:

and tried out/read about countless number of obscure things.

What I'm interested in:

If you really want to contact me please write to or find me on Fediverse: Photo of a young man in a VR headset